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16 Tips To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Draining Issues

16 Tips To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Draining Issues

Is your iPhone 13 Pro Max battery draining fast than usual?

Is it also overheating during normal use?

Well, don’t get frustrated because you’re at the right place! Explore the best and the most reliable and efficient solutions for your difficulty with ease and no stress.

Use These Nifty Tips to Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Draining Issues

1. Disable Background App Refresh

One of the most initial things to do to fix your iPhone 13 pro max battery draining issue is to disable ‘Background App Refresh’. To do so, simply go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh, now turn off the toggle.

2. Prefer Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi consumes less battery than using cellular connection/ data, hence it is advised to prefer Wi-Fi whenever possible to avoid unnecessary drainage of battery.

3. Go for 5G Auto Instead of 5G On

If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi anywhere, use 5G Auto instead of 5G On. 5G Auto only uses 5G when it does not reduce battery life significantly. To change the mode, navigate through Setting> Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Voice and Data and click on 5G Auto or LTE. This will potentially fix iPhone 13 Pro Max battery draining trouble.

4. Switch off Automatic Download and App Updates

The automatic download feature is designed to sync all devices and can prove to be potent for quick battery drain in your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Follow the steps to turn off the feature: Setting > App Store, and now toggle off apps and app updates.

5. Turn Off Location Services

Location services allow the device to consistently update your location, thus consuming excessive battery. To turn it off, head over to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and then toggle it off.

6. Adjust Auto-Lock and switch to Raise to Wake

If you are still facing the issue, it is recommended to set the Auto-Lock on display as low as you can tolerate, which causes the screen to turn off in a short period of inactivity. In addition to that, turning off the raise to wake feature can also help. Access it by going to Settings> Display and Brightness.

iPhone 13 Pro Max battery draining

7. Prefer Dark Mode

If you use dark mode, the display will only light up pixels that are needed, remaining to be off unless required. Merely, go to the Setting> Display and Brightness and then select Dark Mode.

8. Enable Low Power Mode

It is wise to enable low power mode, which allows your iPhone 13 to work best by itself. You can achieve it by going to Setting> Battery> Low Power Mode and toggle it On.

9. Permit Reduce Motion of Interface

The Reduce Motion aspect of iOS always proves quite helpful in saving the battery life of your iPhone. The option simply turns off animations and reduces stress. You can permit it by going to Settings > Accessibility > Motion and then turning on Reduce Motion.

10. Keep Your Device Up to Date

Make sure you have the latest version of iOS , as it can could be one of the reason for your iPhone 13 pro max battery draining issue. Confirm it on Setting> General > Software Update.

11. Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Unnecessary apps could be also the reason for iPhone 13 pro max  battery draining issuecan have an impact on your device’s battery life in the backend. To uninstall them, go to Setting> General> iPhone Storage and then Deleting Apps.

12. Don’t Close Apps

It is advised to not close apps through the App Switcher to prevent them from running in the background, because it doesn’t save battery life and can cause the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery draining faster.

13. Turn Off-Screen Time

If the problem persists, you can try disabling the screen time feature on your device by navigating to Settings > Screen Time.

14. Perform a Force Restart

Force restarting can clear errors and fix iPhone 13 Pro Max battery draining issues. All you need to do is: press and quickly release the Volume Up button, press and swiftly release the Volume Down button, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo on the display screen.

15. Reset All Setting

There is a chance that you are facing this difficulty because of some settings that you are unsure of, so you can reset all settings by navigating to Settings> General. Transfer or Reset iPhone and then press on Reset All Settings.

16. Restore and Setup as New iPhone

This may not be your first choice, but if the battery drain issue remains incessant, you can hard reset your device. But keep in mind, if you go ahead with this all of your data and settings will be deleted, so it is wise to create a backup beforehand. Head over to Settings> General> Transfer or Reset iPhone> Erase All Content and Settings to accomplish it.

Some other tips to solve your problem can be to disable Siri settings accordingly, reduce brightness, disable AirDrop, turn off Reduce Transparency, avoid using dynamic wallpapers, and others. Hope these tips prove useful for you and remember you can always visit the Apple community thread or call on customer service if required for your iPhone 13 pro max battery draining issue.

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