Samsung Galaxy S10 Speaker Replacement Full Guide

If you have broken your speaker, do not worry. By following the steps below for Samsung galaxy s10 speaker replacement, you can replace your speaker easily.

Tools required

You’ll need the following tools:

  • A screwdriver
  • A spudger (a flathead screwdriver that has a square end)
  • Plastic card or credit card, or something similar to use as an opening tool. This will help you pry off the old speaker without damaging your phone’s back cover or battery. You can also use another plastic card if you don’t have one handy!
  • Heat gun

What is the Speaker?

A speaker is a small device that converts electrical signals into sound. It is part of the phone’s audio system, which includes other elements like a microphone or amplifier. The speaker receives sound from your phone and sends it through your earphones or headphones to your ears. It also works as an important component in hearing calls when you’re playing music or watching videos on your smartphone.

If you have a faulty speaker on your Samsung Galaxy S10, then I can help you fix it easily with the guide below!

How to Replace the Speaker?

First of all, you need to remove the screen.

Next, you must remove the rear housing.

Then, you can remove the battery and speaker.

After that re-assemble your phone and test it if everything is working properly!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Speaker Replacement Guide

You will need to open the back cover of your phone. To do this, you’ll need to remove the screws that secure it in place. To remove these fasteners, use a Phillips head screwdriver and gently pry them out with your finger or a small flathead screwdriver.

Once you’ve removed all of the screws, remove your battery by pulling up on its edge (it’s held in place by two tabs). Then, carefully lift off its bottom half where it attaches to an internal part of your phone’s chassis.

After removing this section from its base plate—which contains individual components for power management—you can easily pull out any remaining pieces such as cables and other accessories that may have been attached at one time or another during use over time.

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A Few Words Before You Start

Before you begin, make sure that you have all of the tools and parts. If you don’t, it’s easy to damage your phone while trying to remove the display.

  • A replacement speaker will be needed if yours is broken or doesn’t work properly.
  • A replacement screen will be needed if yours has cracks or scratches on its surface that affect its functionality. It’s also possible that this could happen after replacing your battery because some batteries have been known to crack over time.

If you have broken your speaker, do not worry. By following the steps below, you can replace your speaker easily.

If you have broken your speaker, do not worry. By following the steps below, you can replace your speaker easily.

  • First of all, remove the battery cover using a small flathead screwdriver and pry it off with your fingers. Then disconnect all cables from their sockets on both sides of the phone. Now remove six screws that are hidden under sticker covers on both sides of its back panel by using a Phillips head screwdriver (not too tight). Remove those stickers and put them aside for later use as they will help us identify which side has been damaged when reinstalling our new parts later on in this guide so we don’t mix up where they belong again if something goes wrong during the installation process!


I hope you will understand how to do a Samsung galaxy s10 speaker replacement If you have broken your speaker, do not worry. By following the steps below, you can replace your speaker easily.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 FAQ

samsung galaxy s10 speaker replacement

How many speakers does a Samsung Galaxy S10 have?

There are two on the Galaxy S10, one that is problematic and one that isn’t. The one that is problematic is your internal speaker.. The speaker is located on the top of your phone to deliver clear calls.

How long does a Galaxy S10 last?

Surprisingly, the smaller S10 got a bit less time on a charge than the larger S10+, though you can still go a long while without topping off your battery. The S10 lasted 10 hours and 19 minutes on the Tom’s Guide Battery Test, which includes continuous web surfing over 4G LTE.

What is so special about Samsung S10?

Thanks to its Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 technology, you can charge the Galaxy S10 faster than previous models. The Galaxy S10 supports 12 W wireless charging with the Wireless Charger Duo Pad, so it can wirelessly charge up to 33{f209982697e8379705fb004c08efc05976f5444898cf9b0a632b09588660f3f4} faster than the previous model.

How can I improve the speaker quality on my Samsung phone?

To adjust the sound quality on your phone, open “Settings -> Sound & Vibration -> Advanced -> Sound Quality and Effects.” You’ll find an Equalizer feature with several presets as You can also create a custom one. Some phones have a Dolby Atmos feature at their disposal that can be turned on or off.

What makes speakers sound better?

When a speaker produces sound, it’s important that all frequencies are at similar levels. The less variation there is in loudness between frequencies—in other words, the flatter the frequency response chart is—the better the speakers’ quality.

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