10 Cell Phone Tips and Tricks You Haven’t Heard Of!

If you have a smartphone, there’s no doubt that it is one of the most useful devices in your life. But do you know how to use all those apps on your phone? Do you know the best Cell Phone Tips and Tricks where to find those hidden features, or what special tricks can help you save time when using your phone? If not, read on for 10 must-know tips about smartphones!

Learn here the Top Cell Phone Tips and Tricks

If you’re like me, and you have a habit of losing your cell phone, then it’s important to have an app on your watch that will help locate your phone when it is lost.

1. Find your phone with your watch.

There are many apps available for this purpose, but one of the most popular ones is Find My iPhone from Apple Inc.. This app allows users to lock their phones remotely so that they won’t be able to use them until someone unlocks them using the same password that was used when setting up the Apple ID account associated with their device (or by entering in another password if there isn’t one). 

Once someone has entered in both passwords correctly enough times within 30 minutes (or longer), then they can access any files stored within those folders without having trouble accessing them again after doing so; however if no one unlocks them during this time period then all data stored within those folders will be permanently lost forever!

2. Get a free ringtone from iTunes!

To get a free ringtone from iTunes, go to the Music tab in your iTunes library. You’ll see all of your songs and albums displayed here. Click on the album you want to use as a ringtone, then click on “Ringtones” at the top of this screen. You should see all of your ringtones listed here—if not, scroll down until you find what you’re looking for!

Once you’ve found it (or if there aren’t any), hit “Download,” then sync it over to your phone using iTunes when prompted by its instructions.

3. Take a picture using the volume buttons.

This trick works best when you’re standing in front of something, like a wall or chair. If your phone is on speaker mode, just press the volume up button to take a picture. You can also use this method to record videos by holding down both volume buttons at once.

4. Type using two fingers to make things easier.

Using two fingers to type is a great way to make things easier, especially if you have small hands. The idea is that it takes less effort to hold down two buttons than one—and since most smartphones are designed with this in mind, typing will feel more natural and comfortable when you use two hands instead of just one.

5. Turn your caps lock on and off by double-tapping

If you’re someone who types a lot on your phone, this tip is for you. When typing in all caps and then want to turn off the shift key (so that it’s not automatically capitalizing every word), double-tap the shift key twice. This will prevent Caps Lock from turning on when you type something in all caps, which is helpful if you’re worried about accidentally typing something out loud or writing something down with too many characters. If this isn’t enough for you and/or if there are other reasons why this might be helpful—like if your fingers are tired from typing too much—you can also turn caps lock on and off by pressing Shift+Caps Lock at once; this way all letters will be capitalized except those that already have an uppercase letter next to them (which shouldn’t happen very often).

6. See your email without opening it!

  • See your email without opening it!

If you’re reading this on your phone, then chances are good that you have an email account attached to it. If so, then there is a way to quickly access emails without having to open them in the app itself: double-tap and hold your home button for about two seconds until the notification LED flashes white twice and then release. This will activate Google Now (the search engine), which will provide information about what apps are running on your device at any given moment. If there happens to be an active Gmail message in one of those apps at that moment, then Google Now will let users know about that as well—perfectly readable even when they’re trying not even glance at their screen while waiting for someone else’s response!

7. Text with your voice

  • Text with your voice

Siri is a great way to text, but it’s not the only one. You can use Siri for SMS (text messages), iMessage (messages between Apple devices), and group messaging over Wi-Fi or cellular network connections.

If you have an iPhone and need to send a message in English, but don’t speak English as well, Siri will translate it for you! Just ask Siri who would like to talk with me? Then select that person’s name from the list of contacts on their phone—and voila! You’re done!

8. Use Siri for more than voice commands.

Siri has a lot of cool features, including setting reminders and alarms. For example, if you have a meeting next week, you can set a reminder on your calendar so that it’s reminded when the time comes. To do this, just say: “Hey Siri,” then choose from the list of options below (or ask something new).

9. Add events to your calendar without lifting a finger!

If you use an app like Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, then you can add events to your calendar from the phone itself. This is a great way to stay organized and on top of things, but it’s not the only way. You can also do so with Siri or Alexa voice commands if you prefer a hands-free experience!

The same goes for Bixby: just say “Add event” and choose which one(s) you want added.

10. Print from your phone!

If you’re at a computer or tablet, it’s easy to print from your phone. Just open up any app that allows you to print and select the option for “Print.”

If your computer is connected to the cloud, here are some other options:

  • Print from anywhere – If you have an internet connection and access to the web, then this option will allow users to print their documents while they’re away from home or on vacation.
  • Use Google Cloud Print – This service lets users choose a local printer as long as they have internet access while traveling through hotels or airports where there aren’t traditional printers available. Users can also send files directly over Wi-Fi by selecting “Google Cloud Print” instead of sending them via email attachment or physical media (like USB flash drives).

These cell phone tips will make using your smartphone easier, faster and more fun!

If you’re like most people, your phone is just too tempting to leave on the table when you’re in meetings or on calls. Here are some tips that can help keep your hands free:

  • Use a pen and paper instead of typing into the mobile app. You can write notes down on paper or use an actual notebook to capture all of your thoughts before typing them into the app. This will help keep your mind focused on what’s happening in front of you rather than distracted by text messages, emails and social media updates. If possible, turn off notifications so they don’t distract from what’s happening in front of them!
  • Don’t let yourself get distracted by looking at other apps while handling business matters such as employee performance reviews or client feedback forms (if applicable).


We hope these Cell Phone Tips and Tricks have helped you to get the most out of your smartphone. And if you’re still not sure which cell phone is right for you, check out our blog post on how we can help!

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