How to Fix Iphone 13 Apps Crashing Issue?

How to Fix Iphone 13 Apps Crashing Issue?

Is your iPhone 13 having a problem?

Do the phone’s apps keep crashing?

Well, don’t get frustrated because you’re at the right place! Explore the best and the most reliable and efficient solutions for your difficulty with ease and no stress. 

Here are some of the best remedies to fix your iphone 13 apps crashing issue:

  1. iPhone 13 apps crashing

    Restart your iPhone 13 – One of the most basic steps to take when your iPhone has any problems is to restart it. All you need to do is: press and quickly release the Volume Up button, press and swiftly release the Volume Down button, and press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo on the display screen.

  2. Close all other applications on your device – Just swipe the home bar on your iPhone 13 and the apps that are open in the background will now be listed on your screen. Simply flick the app cards upwards to close them.
  3. Clear out the Browser tabs – Having too many tabs open on your web browser can consume lots of memory and cause it to crash other apps. Clearing out previous tabs keeps the browser running efficiently. Here’s how you can clear them up: Launch your web browser (Safari, chrome, brave, or any other) and tap the Tabs button in the bottom right corner. If you have several tabs open, it will be visible here, just delete them by clicking on the X sign.
  4. Reinstall the App – If not all the apps on your iPhone 13 keep crashing but only some limited ones, say one or two, there might be a possibility of a flaw in these specific apps. So what you can do is re-install these apps using the app store. To do this, follow the given steps :

      Step 1. Delete the existing App – Long-press the app icon of the app you wish to uninstall and let go when the apps start jiggling. Click on the (-) symbol, then on the’ Delete App’ option. You might have to confirm this one again. 

      Step 2. Reinstall the app – Visit the App Store and tap your profile picture in the top right corner. Tap Purchased and then My Purchases option. Search for the app name that you just deleted and tap the download symbol to download the app again.

     5. Update Apps – Again, if you notice app crashing flaws in only some particular ones, it might be that those apps require updating and are not compatible with your current iOS version. You can check for available app updates in the App Store through these steps -Launch App Store and click the profile picture in the top right corner. App updates, if any, will be visible here, or you can refresh the screen once.

     6. Offload Apps – One thing to note is that offloading apps will not clear up all your data but only delete the app data such as caches and other such data. Below are the instructions to offload apps on iPhone 13 – Setting > General > iPhone Storage. Now tap the app in which to resolve the issue and then on ‘Offload App’. You might need to confirm it again.

     7. Clear Up Storage Space if Necessary – Is your iPhone 13 is low on storage, it might cause the apps to crash consequently. Here is how to check the current storage on your device – Setting > General > iPhone Storage. Here, the graph will populate and show how much storage is being used and how much is remaining. If the data usage is too much, you might want to delete some unnecessary apps or increase your phone’s storage.

    8. Reset All Settings – There is a chance that you are facing this difficulty because of some settings that you are unsure of, so you can reset all settings by navigating to Settings> General. Transfer or Reset your iPhone and then press Reset All Settings.

What to do if none of the above work for iPhone 13 Apps Crashing Issue?

  1. Using Wondershare Dr. Fone – System Repair (iOS)

Install Dr. Fone and connect your iPhone to the computer to launch it. Now click the system repair module and then Standard Mode. After verifying all information identified by the app, tap ‘Start’. After the firmware gets downloaded and verified, click Fix Now to start restoring iOS firmware on your iPhone 13. The phone will restart. Next, reinstall your apps, they will not crash due to iOS corruption.

  1. Using macOS Finder or iTunes 

Preceding this, please remember this process will delete your data during the re-installation of iOS. 

Connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop and open iTunes or Finder. After detection is completed, tap Restore. You might want to disable Find My on your iPhone. Navigate through : Check for Update > Restore iPhone > Agree (license agreement). 

Hope these tips prove useful for you and aid you in releasing some of that frustration on apps crashing. Remember, you can always visit the nearest Apple Store or call on customer service if required. Connect now


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