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6 Ultimate Ways To Fix iPhone 13 Black Screen

Imagine talking to your childhood buddy on video call on your iPhone 13 and while getting nostalgic and filled with those elated memories, suddenly your screen goes all black, or while watching the most entertaining YouTube video on your iPhone 13 pro, and unexpectedly you happen to face iPhone 13 black screen issue or even worse.

You get late to the office on your presentation day and your angry boss stares at you while you can’t open a file saved on your iPhone13 pro max because it goes all black and becomes unresponsive.

Oh my God! how threatening and extremely annoying. Sorry for those crazy imaginations, but don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! We have the perfect solution to solve your iPhone 13 black screen issue in easy yet effective and the most reliable ways.

Why your iPhone 13 black screen issue is Occurring?

But first, let us know why is your iPhone 13 showing a black screen? Well, there can be multiple reasons for that, mainly classified into software and hardware issues.

If it is because of hardware issues, we highly recommend you to visit an Apple Service Center and avail of their technical assistance as it requires an in-depth analysis of the device’s parts to fix it. However, if it is a software flaw this article will provide you with a plethora of information (solutions to your iPhone 13 black screen effect) to make your iPhone 13 active in no time.

iPhone 13 black screen


How to solve your iPhone 13 black screen issue?

What should you do if your iPhone13 goes all black screen, but you are still able to hear the notifications from text messages or other social applications? To get rid of it, scroll down to find the best solutions apt for you.



  1. Force Restart iPhone 13

The black screen effect may sometimes appear due to minor software crashes on your device. Force restarting your phone can help solve the flaw in no time. Follow the steps given below-

Step 1: Press and swiftly release the Volume up button

Step 2: Instantly, hold and release the Volume down button.

Step 3: Finally, long-press the side button on the right till the Apple logo appears on the screen.

  1. Uninstall suspicious applications

If your device turns black while running an application, there might be possibilities that the application is not safe or simply outdated. Hence, it’s wise to either delete the app or update it. Follow the procedure listed below to uninstall the application.

Step1: Exit the application

Step2: Find the skeptical application and long-press it.

Step3: When the pop-up list displays, click on the ‘Delete App’ option.

After these two techniques, if your iPhone 13 Black screen issue is still not solved, and the screen remains unresponsive, try out the other methods.

  1. Charge Your Device

Use an active power source or a suitable charger to charge your phone.

Step1: Charge your device for 15-20 mins

Step2: Reboot your iPhone 13

If the device is still unresponsive, repeat the process. Make sure that the charger is working accurately.

  1. Employ a Third-Party App [Dr. Fone-System Repair iOS]

Employing a third-party application to solve your iPhone 13 black screen issue is quite a reliable method and works optimally to resolve the issue in a few minutes.

The Dr. Fone app from Wondershare is a sophisticated program that offers a complete solution to your iPhone 13 black screen flaw without any data loss and which certainly does require any technical assistance

Step1: Download ‘Dr. Fone’ from Wondershare.

Step2: Select the system repair module displayed on the home screen of the application.

Step3: Now, perform the iOS repair by simply tapping on the ‘Standard Mode’ of iOS repair shown on the right side of the screen. The app will detect the connected iPhone 13 and iOS versions automatically. Press the “Start” button to move on.

Step4: Now, you will notice that the firmware download process is happening automatically, wait for it until the app verifies the downloaded firmware. At last, hit the ‘Fix Now’ button. Completion of the repair process message shall appear on your screen.

  1. iTunes or Finder

Note-this process may lead to data loss, hence, make sure to back up your data before following the procedures given below.

Step1: Connect your iPhone 13 to iTunes or Finder.

Step 2: Quickly press and release the Volume Up button and then instantly press and release the Volume Down button on your iPhone.Now long press of the side button until it shows the Apple logo on the screen. This action will put your device in recovery mode.

Now, click on the “OK” button displayed and then, hit “Restore iPhone” to proceed with the iPhone restore process.

  1. DFU Restore

Follow the given steps to put your iPhone 13 on DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode and resolve the black screen issue but pay the piper of data loss.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 13 pro/pro max with the computer and long-press the side button.

Step 2: Then, press the Volume down button and Side button together until the Apple logo displays on the screen. Now you will see a message stating that the device has stepped into DFU mode.

Step 3: Open the iTunes or Finder on your computer and wait for your iPhone 13 to be detected. Then, click the “Restore” button to finally complete the process. Your device will restart automatically.

How can you prevent this from happening again?

Let’s not just hope that you face this problem again, but also do something to prevent it. 

  • Use reliable applications and regularly update them.
  • Avoid using your iPhone 13 while charging.
  • Charge your device before it goes low, etc. to enhance its performance.

Hope this article proved to be useful for you and assisted you to solve your iPhone13 black screen issue feel free to connect with one of our service assistant to solve your problem. Connect Now




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